Our Philosophy

Modern design can only happen within the context of a solid, comfortable partnership. Accepting a client ‘ s vision or helping create that vision involves learning about priorities, preferences, lifestyle, wants, needs and dreams.

Seamless Projects

This is where Gabriel Stone fits in, working together to find solutions that are inspirational and captivating, thus enhancing how the environment or space will ultimately be transformed. Merging classics with modern elements, GabrielStone Designs brings a fresh and sophisticated eye, as well as creativity, to every project. Working with a team of master craftsman, contractors and suppliers, Gabriel Stone manages the requirements and practicalities of implementing the design while being considerate of a client’s time and resources. View Inspiration…

Going The Extra Mile

Gabriel Stone is adept at helping edit their client’s personal artifacts and collections, while providing details and accessories that bring the original vision to life. Get in touch…

BBBEE, Tenders & Corporate Contracts

Gabriel Stone is fully compliant with South African legislation relating to the companies act, tax clearance and BBBEE participation. We are happy to discuss this further if required.